Sunday, June 5, 2011

Drawings, Photos, and Digital Thinking

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A few more days to understand the mountains, before linking them to the streets and the buildings.

Arles-sur-Tech is surrounded by mountains that appear too round, too bulbous, too full, for their majestic height. There are sharp edges to be found, protruding rocks in places, but in this time of June, they are predominantly large, curved, almost bulging.

They dwarf the town. The roundness is everywhere, the green of the trees is everywhere.

I want to know the mountains, as friends, and wonder if these mountains have ever been friends of the inhabitants, or if, in their super-round forms, if they have always been a reminder that the earth is bigger than we are. Are they here to remind us that we are small?

Technical information: continued experimentations with the software Painter - which lets my pen glide across the paper more easily than across paper. Nonetheless, I did use some "real" pencil and paper, both combined with photographs.

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  1. Beautiful. The light must be amazing.

    Some day I want to talk in more depth about your process(es).