Thursday, June 30, 2011

rue de l'Oranger (English)

version français
versió en català

A stone wall from rue de l'Oranger in Arles-sur-Tech, one of the streets that seems nearly untouched by renovations.

This was the Jewish street, the call - where the respected Jewish doctors lived with their families, making a small Community (Aliamas).

There is nothing left that shows any sign of Jewish life. Erased. Gone with the centuries.

The spirit of the Expulsion seems to have taken hold here as well - first the Jews of Spain found refuge in nearby Perpignan. However, by September 1493 the Jews of Perpignan were on a boat to Istanbul*, which is, coincidently, the next place outside of North America that I will be visiting, when I go there for the ISEA conference in September.

Following traces not easily followed.

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