Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rock Walls and Mountains

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versió en català

This is backwards glance at the images that I created earlier this week. I wanted to find the relationship of stone to mountain, and I had the impression that just working them into a single composition would force the similarities to emerge.

Using the working methods from 1990s, this almost happens. The relationships are there, forced by my own sense of design and compositional skill. I take some pleasure in this, in knowing that with enough layering of images, enough going back and forth, I can make (visual) relationships work.

Nonetheless, these are the images that sent me back to the (digital) drawing board. I want to feel the forms, as an artist who draws, who feels contours, edges, volume, weight. This is. after all, to be a period of exploration, not just production.

Out of sequence blog posting. Another idea to explore.

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