Wednesday, July 6, 2011

una última mirada (però potser més)

Les textures del carrer, i l'altura de la muntanya. Junts conformen la història d'Arles-sur-Tech.

Són tan diferents que són inseparables. L'experiència diària: la pedra i la muntanya, gris i verd, els carrers estrets i espais oberts.


  1. I knew I would love this. It is as I expected. Visual, of course, since you are involved in the visual arts, but also… literary. The words weave together the stones and the mountains, and their harsh height, and settling roundness. And for a moment we all become 'smaller medieval ladies', less dependent on technology, and better able to deal with this… topology.

  2. els carrers estrets i espais oberts.

    Much that could be said about just this. The constrained path, the open field, the tear, the mark, the grave, 1d vs 2d, the layers…